Robyn Victoria

Fashion Stylist

Visit Robyn's website Born and raised in New York, Robyn Victoria took the road less traveled and landed in the "glamorous" work of fashion styling.  After graduating form Boston University, she tried her hand in the recording industry and in television production but it was in fashion where she found her true calling. Robyn's styling aesthetic is a perfect cocktail of glamor, sex appeal, cool-edge and fun. Her stint as Fashion Market Editor at Trace Magazine was an inspiring and creative platform she used to hone her skills. Now her work appears on the backs of rock bands and R&B singers and on the pages of fashion magazines. These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things (Think Julie Andrews in the "The Sound of Music") Color - My work is all about color. It brings life and vibrancy to any look. Vintage - Finding Timeless Pieces From Yester-Year that work for today never gets old. Sequins! - I Love SPARK-LE!! Jewelry - Big and bold, anything that stands out! Shoes - The Sky High, "I can't believe you can walk in those", works for art for the feet.