Eve Whittington

Hair Stylist

Visit Eve's website Eve has a passion for doing hair ever since she was a little girl. Thinking her Barbie needed a better look, Eve cut the doll's hair into an elevated bob - somewhat lopsided, but that could be viewed as artistic. Eve has been creating ever since; becoming a licensed cosmetologist at age 21, studying in salons under master hairdressers, as well as specializing in weddings and extensions, and now working freelance in fashion and films. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Eve has had the opportunity of being molded by one of the most artistic cities in the world. With the fashion and art industries at her fingertips and the culture of NYC engraved into her blood, Eve has become a highly ambitious and more importantly, motivated hairstylist… believing that no person is done until their hair is in place or out of place. "Hair should never be overlooked. It is the finishing touch."