Geeta Khanna

Makeup Artist

Visit Geeta's website The love affair with makeup all started for Geeta when her mother gave her a 'Lil Miss Makeup' doll when she was six. This spawned countless hours of studying the way color and shape interact with the human face. Growing up in the multicultural city of Calgary, Canada and from an East Indian background inspired her rich and vibrant color palette and pushed her to experiment with makeup and techniques from a worldly point of view. Being someone who pushes to follow her dreams, nourishes her passion for her artistry and truly believes we manifest our own reality, Geeta packed up her life and moved to New York City in 2008. Though she is a self-taught artist, her observant and curious nature makes her forever a student of her surroundings, the talented people she encounters on a daily basis and the simple beauty of life. "Enjoy the destination through the journey"