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APR 25 | Prince Royce wins four Latin Billboard Awards!


Bachata superstar and Bronx native, Prince Royce, is having the best week ever.

The young latin crooner recently announced a year-long partnership with global brand, Pepsi.  The multi-faceted partnership includes support of his U.S. summer tour as well as a national television ad campaign airing on Telemundo and Univision.  The announcement was made in Miami, a day before the Latin Billboard Awards, an event that Prince Royce has found much success over the years – winning 16 Latin Billboard Awards prior to last night’s award show.  

Last night – and to no one’s surprise – his winning streak continued.

Before the event, Prince Royce showed his appreciation for fans by posing alongside them and snapping selfies.  And inside the venue, the good times rolled on.  Prince Royce and Portuguese artist Michel Telo, performed their award-winning track “Darte Un Beso.”  But that was just one of Prince Royce’s many trips to the stage.  

When the night wrapped, Prince Royce won four additional awards including:  Hot Latin Songs Male Artist of the Year, Streaming Song of the Year, Latin Pop Songs Solo Artist of the Year, and Tropical Songs Solo Artist of the Year.  His new hardware makes him a 20-time Billboard Latin Music Award® winning artist. 

Next up for Prince Royce?  Continuing the Soy El Mismo Tour and entertaining #TeamRoyce fans in Paraguay!

We at CreativeP2 would like to congratulate Prince Royce on all his achievements. We’re honored to be part of his team and look forward to working together and launching his career to new heights!

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APR 2 | CPP Connects with TLC Superfan via Instagram; Helps Him Meet His Idols


Recently, we produced two TLC shows, one in Windsor, Ontario and the other in Hammond, Indiana.  Through the beauty of social media, more specifically, Instagram, we connected with a TLC superfan, David, and helped make his dream come true.  He wrote about his once in a lifetime experience in a lengthy, but heartwarming email that’s posted below.  We suggest you take a few minutes to read it because it’s sure to brighten your day. :-)

Back in January, I learned TLC was performing in Windsor, Ontario to play a show at the Caesars casino.  Windsor is the Canadian border city of Detroit, and it’s actually only about a 20-minute drive from where I live.  I checked on Ticketmaster as soon as I found out that TLC was coming, and I noticed there was a private presale going on for tickets, which required a password that I didn’t have.  Fortunately, I have a great deal of experience with Ticketmaster and I know their passwords are generally easy and predictable to crack.   My first thought was “NoScrubs”, but that didn’t work.  Then, I thought “Waterfalls” might work as a password - and to my complete surprise and delight – IT DID!  I quickly purchased two tickets, second row seats, and was so excited!

Fast forward to the end of March.

A couple of minutes before the show started, I noticed there was an empty seat in the very first row. I asked the women sitting in the front row if anyone was sitting there, and they said no, so I just jumped on up!  No one ever came to claim that spot either!  It was meant to be!  The show started shortly after I grabbed my front row spot, and I got to be right up close and in front at the stage.  Chilli, T Boz, and Lil Mama were literally right in front of me, it was incredible and UNREAL.  The show was fantastic.

Once the show ended, I slowly started to leave the venue in a big mob of people, and to my surprise I saw Chilli run back on stage.  She came back to sign autographs for fans!  I had brought my CDs with me, and I tried to get back to where I had been, right at the front.  But in the time where I had started to walk away (not knowing that Chilli was gonna come back out to sign autographs) all these other people had filled the space, so there were tons of people in front of me, and it was taking me forever to make my way back up there.  I kept inching closer and closer and closer, and by the time I was within reach of Chilli, a man next to her on stage (who I now know was Ronnie, her Road Manager), pulled her away!  I was *THIS CLOSE* to getting an autograph from someone that I would consider one of my teenage idols, and she was just pulled away at the last second.  So even after being so close at the show and having a stellar time, I was sad too!  (Little did I know that 24 hours later I wouldn’t be feeling like that anymore.)

When I was back home, I started to upload lots of my pictures and video clips from the show to my Instagram account.  I used hashtags like #TLC and #NoScrubs on all my files.  I then became curious myself, so I clicked on the TLC hashtag to see what else others had posted.  I found some videos that people had taken behind me, and saw myself in the front row rocking out!  But there was one particular picture that caught my eye… it was a picture of some guy with T Boz and Chilli!!  My immediate thought was WHO IS THIS GUY and HOW DID HE GET A MEET N GREET!?  I would have personally paid a good amount of money for a meet n greet with the ladies. So, I decided to leave a comment on the picture and ask this guy how he met the ladies.

To my surprise, someone responded to me within minutes.  Mind you, this was late at night, maybe 1 or 2 in the morning at the earliest!  If not even later.  They told me that they, Creative Production Partners (@CreativeP2) had produced the show!  I was like, no way!  We basically had a full-length conversation about the show, about my amazing pictures and video clips, about how much I love TLC, and about how I would have paid a great deal for a meet n greet.   I ended the conversation by leaving my phone number, and telling the person I was talking to that I would gladly travel to the Indiana show the next night if I could meet the ladies.  I did not expect an answer when it came to that request…

When I woke up about 7 hours later, I was blown away to see a missed call and a voicemail from Shana, the person I communicated with the night before. She’s responsible for CreativeP2’s social media and marketing.  In the voicemail, she told me that I had been talking to her on Instagram the night before, and that if I could make it to the show, I could have free tickets and a meet n greet with TLC that night.  My jaw DROPPED!  I immediately canceled my plans for the day (I was actually supposed to work!) because there was no way in hell that I was gonna miss my chance to meet TLC.  I called the number back, talked with Shana, and within the hour I was in the shower, dressed and in my car on the way to make the four-hour drive to the show!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would happen.  I had pretty much accepted that I wasn’t going to meet TLC.  I never thought someone would actually call my number and offer me free tickets to the show and backstage to meet the ladies.  It helps restore my faith in humanity a bit.  In this day and age, it’s hard to find nice people, and it’s almost unheard of to find a company that cares to help the fans of an artist.  Usually, those companies will sell the meet n greet opportunities for huge money - those companies generally aren’t interested in connecting with the fans to help them meet their idols for free!   So I’d like to give the biggest shout out EVER to CreativeP2 for making something like this possible!

My experience was incredible.  I got to take pictures with the ladies, and they autographed every single CD of theirs that I had (which was about 10 - all of their albums and some old school singles!)  They also didn’t even kick me out after meeting me.  They cared to talk to me!  Chilli even kissed me on the cheek and we posed for a picture!! I literally got to tell them almost everything that came to my mind.  How I used to rush home from school everyday to watch TRL, how I saw them on the “Fanmail” tour back in 2000, and even stories about obscure TLC tracks and video versions of certain singles.  And I never would have been able to tell her any of that if it hadn’t been for my stellar Instagram surfing skills, and the kindness of Shana and CreativeP2!

I know this story is long, and there’s a LOT more I can write, but I honestly want to thank EVERYONE involved in making this happen. TLC and CreativeP2 have literally made my year.  I’ve been lucky to meet a few singers and artists in my past, but none of my experiences have ever been like this.  This was unreal.  To top it all off, T Boz and Chilli haven’t aged a bit, and they were still wearing their blue leather jumpsuits backstage when I was meeting them.  All their stage makeup was still on too - they pretty much looked like they did in the “No Scrubs” video (which is my favorite video) except their jumpsuits were blue!  It’s like I was actually meeting them in what others would consider their ‘90’s prime.  Just being in their presence was so exciting, let alone being so taken care of by them, Ronnie, and everyone involved with the casino and their camp.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

David Benvenuto

Here are a few more pics of David with Chilli:  



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MAR 18 | Iggy Azalea gets "Fancy" on Late Night with Seth Meyers


Aussie rapper, Iggy Azalea, is making the most of her time in the US.  Fresh off of her South by SouthWest performance for mtvU’s Woodie Awards, the rapper rocked Late Night with Seth Meyers.  Joined by UK singer Charli XCX, the two temptresses performed “Fancy,” a certifiable club banger.  The performance, produced by Creative Production Partners was inspired by the “Fancy” video, a modern day take on the 1990s cult favorite, “Clueless.”  The stage was designed like a classroom, with Azalea, Charli XCX, and dancers all rocking sexy plaid schoolgirl uniforms.  

Watch Iggy and Charli take ‘em to school!

Iggy Azalea’s new album, The New Classic, drops April 22.   

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