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MAR 5 | Ne-Yo headlines the post-Oscar Fame and Philanthropy event!


Last night, the Academy Awards acknowledged the achievements of Hollywood, but that wasn’t the only big event of the night.  The Fame & Philanthropy event, which included a Keynote Address from James Cameron, special appearances from Charlize Theron and Halle Berry, and a live performance from Ne-Yo, took a moment to shed light on the many charitable efforts celebrities support throughout the year. 

According to its website, Fame & Philanthropy will provide critical support for programs to benefit chronic illness, social inequality, access to higher education, climate change, funding for medical research, and bullying.  The event’s theme was “Belief In The Common Good,” and had a focus on service, contribution, and benefaction; three things Ne-Yo knows something about. 

In 2007, the three-time Grammy Award winner founded the Compound Foundation, a non-profit organization with a mission to “enhance the well-being of youth growing up in foster care and group homes.  The Foundation’s goal is to support bright futures for young people by helping them to forge healthy relationships, pursue education and training, learn entrepreneurship basics and realize dreams.” 

Uplifting the community and leaders of tomorrow is close to Ne-Yo’s heart, so it was important for him to accept the invitation to perform and support this important cause, while also bringing awareness to his own foundation.  The multi-hyphenate singer/songwriter/actor dug into his catalog and hit the stage to entertain the crowd with a mix of uptempo and soulful melodies.  Ne-Yo performed Let’s Go, Give Me Everything, Let Me Love You, and his classic hit, So Sick.   

 And because Fame & Philanthropy took place during Oscars Weekend, we couldn’t help but notice how sharp Ne-Yo looked in his Francis Ellargo hat and Dolce&Gabbana suit. (photos via imageandstylemagazine.com)



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MAR 4 | CPP's glam squad shares their picks for Best and Worst Oscars dresses, hair, and makeup!


We couldn’t let the biggest night in Hollywood glamour pass without having our glam squad of hair, fashion, and beauty artists share their best and worst looks of the night!  Niki Hall and Robyn Fernandes talk fashion.  Eve Whittington dishes on the hair she loved and loathed. And Geeta Khanna breaks down which ladies put their best beauty faces forward, and a few who disappointed.

Niki’s Best and Worst Dressed! (@thisisniki)


Niki’s top picks from last night are: 

1. Camilla Alves.  PERFECTION all around! Blush long sleeve gown by Gabriella Cadena. 

2. Cate Blanchett.  Perfect hair/accessories/fit. The nude Giorgio Armani w/white paillettes proves that extra dose of glamour that we all expect on the Oscars Red Carpet.

3. Kate Hudson.  Stunning!  The white deep V Versace Dress is hard to pull off but she nailed it!

And the worst looks go to:


1. Kristen Bell.  The white lace strapless dress resembled an inexpensive wedding gown.  Not exactly the look you should be going for.  

2.  Kerry Washington.  Her purple Jason Wu conjured thoughts of a doobie hair wrap tied together with a hair pin.  I know she’s pregnant, but it was still too much fabric.  I would’ve liked her belly to be a bit more front and center!

3) Laura Dern.  She has a thin frame but the fit on her pink strapless dress was too tight.  It gave her fat in unflattering areas, rather than having a slimming effect.  

Robyn’s Best and Worst Dressed!  (@robynvictoriaf)


1.  Cate Blanchett.  I’m a sucker for a nude illusion gown with intricate beading! Bravo Armani!

2.  Lupita Nyong'o.  The fact that her name easily rolls off the tongues of the pop culture elite speaks volumes to this young lady’s beauty and impactful performance in 12 Years A Slave. She’s been the one to beat on the red carpet all throughout awards season and this ‘Nairobi Blue’ Prada gown is another notch in her belt. 

3.  Christy Teigen.  She dazzles in her floral oddessy Monique L'Huillier gown. 


My “come and get your girl/whyyyyy what were you thinking” picks are Julie Delpy, Liza Minnelli, and Anna Kendricks. All of these share one common thing – they’re all inappropriate for each of their body types.  The looks are frumpy and don’t accentuate the positives.   

Eve’s Best and Worst Hair!  (@evenareya)


1.  My 2014 Oscar pick.  Viola Davis. The finger wave has been done sooo many times but I think it just gets better with age.  Combed out finger waves will always be at the top of my list and this just looks beautiful on her. 

2. Olivia Wilde.  This look is so pretty and relaxed.  Everything about her look was perfect and her hair just topped it off. 

3.  Jennifer Lawrence.  I love this look.  The hair pushed back off of her face says she means business, but the fact that it is tousled, says she knows how to party too.  Plus, it held up through her fall!

And for the not so good…


1.  Sally Hawkins.  With all this dress, her hair should have been pulled back off of her face.  A slicked back ponytail, high or low, would have made this a crowning look.

2.  Clarissa Flockhart. Something a little neater and not so wide on the sides would have made her look like a beautiful, sophisticated woman and not so matronly.

Geeta’s Best and Worst Beauty Looks!  (@misskhanna)


Favorites (on top)

1.  Khloe Kardashian.  I adore this whole look and she was surprisingly my favorite face. It’s a modern twist on a vampy, old hollywood glamour. Using a deeper shade in the same family of her dress was brilliant because it really enhanced the texture of the velvet material.

2.  Lupita Nyong'o.   Her skin is Incredible and the artist really showcased it by keeping her face looking luminous and flawless. Also, the soft orange hue on her lips complimented her rich skin tone and the powder blue dress.

3.  Diane Krueger.  Her look was very romantic with her soft pink lips, dewy cheeks and fluttery lashes.

Not so favorites… (on bottom)

1.  Ann Hathaway.  She has these beautiful brown eyes with flecks of green. I’d love to see her with a smokey eggplant shade to really enhance her eye color and give her a younger more interesting look.

2.  Jessica Biel.  Gorgeous girl but with the minimal makeup paired with a cream colored dress it was too bland. She has beautiful lips and with the softness of her entire look, a bold lip like a rich, burnt orange or a deep purple/red would have made her more glam and less monochromatic.

3.  Amy Adams.  I would have loved to see her with a lot of lash, (like Angelina Jolie) because then her makeup could ’ve remained soft. She needed something to add more depth to her face because of her light skin tone and pulled back hair. It would have given her a more flirty face.

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Photos via Getty Images

MAR 3 | Q+A: Celeb hair stylist, Carla Gentry Osorio, talks Jada Pinkett Smith's Oscar hair!


Last night, Hollywood’s biggest names gathered to celebrate the year’s most outstanding actors and films.  Two-time Academy Award nominee Will Smith and wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, were among the A-listers who walked the red carpet.  Pinkett Smith was radiant in a custom pink Versace gown, finished off with long sleek tresses.  

We spoke to the woman with the hands responsible for Pinkett Smith’s Oscar hair, celeb hair stylist Carla Gentry Osorio.  Though she was busy prepping for The Academy Awards, she was generous with her time. She shared her pre-Oscar routine, and most important, the secret behind Jada’s look.  Here’s our Q+A with the gifted hair stylist.

@CreativeP2:  The Academy Awards is huge.  How much sleep do you get the night before you tackle the biggest night in Hollywood?

@CarlaBone:  I try to get at least 6 hours.  It’s not always possible though.  There are lots of parties during Oscar Weekend, and I like to go out and mix a little work with play.  But I don’t have to get up too early, so I’m usually ok.

@CreativeP2:  What time do you wakeup?

@CarlaBone:  9am

@CreativeP2:  What’s your routine the day before a major event like the Oscars?

@CarlaBone:  I check my kit, make sure I have all the products needed…hair pins and stuff like that.  And I also sanitize all of my tools.  That’s important!

@CreativeP2: How do you and Jada agree on a look? 

@CarlaBone:  Everything is taken into consideration.  The dress is key. Once she commits, then makeup and hair come into the picture. So, once two-thirds of the look is done, it’s time for me to add my touch and work the hair.

@CreativeP2:  What do you have in mind for Jada’s look?

 @CarlaBone:  Jada always know what she wants.  I help bring the vision.  Because the weather is very wet this weekend, we want to avoid frizziness and limp curls, so we’ll keep it straight.  We’ll do a center part which flatters her face and I’ll use a Babyliss Pro flat iron to straighten her hair in small sections. As for length, we’ll keep it long but off her face as not to take away from her dress’s high neckline. I’ll also use Rene Furterer’s Lissea Thermal Protecting Smoothing Spray to keep it laid. 

@CreativeP2:  Sounds sexy! We look forward to seeing your work Sunday night.  Good luck and thanks for talking with us.  But before we let you go, let us know what’s next for you after the Oscars, and where we can find you. 

@CarlaBone: I will be working on ABC’s Scandal filling in for Kerry Washington’s hair stylist. And you can follow me on twitter and instagram:  @carlabone.

Well, Jada stunned on the carpet.  She looked gorgeous from head to toe, front and back. Well done, Carla!  

Here’s a pic of Carla prepping to work Jada’s hair, as well as the final look. 


photo cred:  Carla Bone/Instagram


photo cred:  StylePantry/Twitter


photo cred:  Us Weekly/Twitter


photo cred:  Carla Bone/Instagram

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